Not On Our Watch
Not On Our Watch
Not On Our Watch
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Not On Our Watch


Not On Our Watch

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- The Frontline

"One man, finishing his afternoon prayers, was restrained with metal shackles because he had been so traumatized by the bomb attacks on his village that he kept running into the desert, into danger and certain death."

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Watch The Enough Project's John Prendergast and actor and activist Don Cheadle discuss Darfur at the "Not On Our Watch" book launch event here.

- What Can I Do?

Not on Our Watch offers six strategies readers can implement:

1 Raise Awareness
2 Raise Funds
3 Write a Letter
4 Call for Divestment
5 Start an Organization
6 Lobby the Government

Each of these small actions can make a huge difference to those populations targeted for displacement or extinction in Darfur, Somalia, Congo, and northern Uganda.

- Online Resources

Learn more about the crisis in Darfur, and other cases of mass atrocities, and how the world is responding.

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